Dewar village in South Kashmir sets example of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh brotherhood
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Dewar village in South Kashmir sets example of Hindu, Muslim and Sikh brotherhood

Post by ANI on Monday, March 20, 2023

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Even though the issue of permanent return and resettlement of migrant Pandits in Kashmir Valley has been subject to politics, the residents of Kashmir are still eagerly waiting for the return of Kashmiri Pandits. Kashmir's centuries-old tradition of religious tolerance and brotherhood is still alive today and examples of it continue to emerge day by day.

The village 'Dewar' in the Tral region of South Kashmir is famous for Hindu, Muslim and Sikh unity. On Thursday, a few local Muhajir Pandits returned to their native Dewar for a few moments after a long time and were warmly welcomed by the local Muslim and Sikh community. Migrant Pandits, Kashmiri Muslims and members of the Sikh community huddled together and reminisced with tears in their eyes. A video of this incident went viral on social media. According to reports, CL Bhatt, a local Pandit of Dewar returned to his native village along with a few colleagues. ADC Tral, and Shabbir Ahmad Raina were also present with him on this occasion.

Gardeep Singh, a local resident said, "Our village (Dewar) has been the cradle of brotherhood for centuries. Pandits, Sikhs and Muslims used to live together here and this brotherhood is still alive today." According to Gardeep Singh, "Pandit brothers migrated due to unfavourable conditions, but their love remains in our hearts today. And we have managed his property safely even today." Regarding the visit of migrant Pandits to Dewar, he said, "Last day, CL Bhatt came here along with many other colleagues. We have welcomed them and we want Pandit Bhai to come back and live here with the same ancient tradition and mutual love."

Another local citizen, Ghulam Nabi Butt, said, "Our village is a practical example of unity and consensus." Here, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh communities have always shared each other's joys and sorrows. Butt said that he has been cleaning the temple voluntarily and is still waiting for the permanent return of the Kashmiri Pandits. (ANI)