Allow the dog to sniff you: SMC to citizens

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Allow the dog to sniff you: SMC to citizens

Yawar Hussain


“Don’t look directly in dog’s eye to avoid getting bitten,” is the new directive of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) after around 20,000 people were bitten in the year 2017.

In a new advisory issued and pasted by the SMC throughout the Srinagar city, the people have been asked to avoid eye contact with dogs because they take direct eye contact as a challenge for power and control.

The SMC has also advised people to look for a certain type of body language in dogs which can signal them to keep their distance from the dog.

The SMC has also asked people to look for a wrinkled nose of dogs as it depicts that they are in an aggressive mood.



“An aggressive dog may have a wrinkled nose that draws back to reveal its teeth.

The hair along the back of its neck may be raised forming a long column along its spine.

Its ears may lie back, it may growl or snarl. Avoid any dog displaying such signs,” 




The advisory asks people to not scream or run away in case they are confronted by an angry dog. As per the advisory after standing still the dog will sniff the victim, get disinterested and move on.



"Stand still and cross your arms over the chest and

look away from the dog don’t panic and let the

animal sniff around you, it will quickly become

disinterested and move on”



The SMC has also asked the people to never go near a strange dog because even a friendly dog can bite.

The SMC advisory has also asked people to not go near what they term as “mother dog” taking care of puppies.



“Never go near a dog that is eating or sleeping”



The SMC advisory has revealed that all dogs can bite regardless of size or breed. “Small children are common victims, don’t leave them around a pack of stray dogs.”

During the budget session of the Jammu Kashmir Legislature this year, the state government had informed the upper house that 30,711 dog bite cases have been reported in Srinagar during the last six years.

As per the government’s reply 7,000 cases were registered in 2012-13, followed by 6,041 cases in 2013-14, 4,917 cases in 2014-15, 5,100 cases in 2015-16, 5,120 cases in 2016-17 and 2,533 cases in 2017-18 up to September.

As a part of post-bite scenario, the SMC has advised people to never ignore dog bite and immediately rush a victim to a nearby hospital.

To cast away stray dogs from one’s locality, the SMC has advised people to keep their localities neat and clean and segregate non-vegetarian (meat and poultry waste) from vegetarian waste at source by use of proper garbage bins.



“Never leave garbage on the roads, due to non-availability of

food dogs will move away from the locality”



People have also been asked to immediately report any strange dog in the locality with an abnormal or aggressive behaviour who has froth dribbling from his mouth.

Minister of State for Housing and Urban Development Asiea Naqash had also informed the upper house during the budget session that Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has been working to tackle the situation aroused out of dog bites.

Pics/Videos: Wasim Nabi/Musaib Hafiz


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