Paras Health expands its footprints to Kashmir
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Paras Health expands its footprints to Kashmir

Post by ANI on Monday, March 20, 2023

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Paras Health's goal is to bridge the accessibility gap in healthcare services and be a trusted partner to all Bhartiyas. The company is a network of 6 hospitals in India that operates 1500 beds as of date. The chain, which started with its first hospital in Gurugram in 2006, has expanded to Patna, Darbhanga, Udaipur, Panchkula, Ranchi and now extending itself to Srinagar & Kanpur. These additions will provide and streamline services providing support to patients. EMR and Digital Care Touchpoints will also be implemented, allowing patients to access key services from the comfort of their homes. Digital patient records will be maintained by Paras Health allowing tailored treatments and care for its patients.

Managing Director, Paras Health, Dr Dharminder Nagar said, ''For the last 17 years, Paras Health has been providing affordable, accessible, and high-quality healthcare services to our patients. The goal has always been to be present in any part of the country where there is a need for high-quality healthcare, and the organisation has built a reputation for itself as a trusted healthcare provider that puts the needs of our patients first. Our transformation is not just limited to the change in our name and logo but also keeping in mind the future roadmap of Paras Health, which will encompass curative, preventive, and care from not only the hospital but also in patients' homes.'' Paras Health aspires to be India's largest private healthcare provider by 2031 with 9,000 + beds under its network. Of this, around 5000 beds will be added by FY2028 through organic and inorganic expansion. The committed expansion pipeline of 2,000 + beds will be met through Kanpur, Srinagar, and Panchkula expansion.

Interacting with the gathering, Group COO, Paras Health, Dr Santy Sajan, said, "Paras Health's mission has always been to provide compassionate and quality healthcare services to everyone. We have an exceptional team of people passionate about providing the best care for our patients and their families. Our extraordinary team of Doctors, Nurses, and support services team are our compasses. We strive to improve healthcare services and enhance patient outcomes via Clinical Excellence, empathy, and compassionate care. Our 5 healthcare pillars of Patient-Physician-Process-People-Place will surely continue enhancing trust in our care and commitment to all healthcare needs of our communities."

Paras Healthcare unveiled its new brand campaign along with the launch of its new logo which reflects the commitment to innovation and progress while symbolising healing and trust. Paras Healthcare, now called 'Paras Health', has emphasised and focused on its redefined 4 brand values - Compassion, Accessibility, Quality, and Affordability. Paras Health's new vision is to partner for a healthy Bharat and its mission is to make affordable and quality tertiary health accessible to communities that lack basic facilities and treatment. As part of the new initiative, Paras Health has also announced its entry into a new vertical of laboratories, Paras Labs for patients' clinical testing needs