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Charity organizations need to identify their role in society: Speakers http://risingkashmir.com/news/charity-organizations-need-to-identify-their-role-in-society-speakers- Irfan Yattoo September 20, 2018 03:33 AM Speakers on Wednesday sai SSA teachers’ hunger strike continues for 17th day in a row http://risingkashmir.com/news/ssa-teachers-hunger-strike-continues-for-17th-day-in-a-row Gafira Qadir September 20, 2018 03:32 AM The hunger strike of Sarv Prof Talat chairs 3rd Advisory Committee Meeting of DIQA, KU http://risingkashmir.com/news/prof-talat-chairs-3rd-advisory-committee-meeting-of-diqa-ku Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:32 AM The third Advisory Commit Indo-Pak cricket match: NIT orders closure of shops in campus http://risingkashmir.com/news/indo-pak-cricket-match-nit-orders-closure-of-shops-in-campus Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:32 AM Authorities at National I Advisor Kumar hears public delegations, individuals http://risingkashmir.com/news/advisor-kumar-hears-public-delegations-individuals- Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:31 AM Advisor to Governor, K Vi Advisor Kumar to hear public grievances in Srinagar every Tuesday http://risingkashmir.com/news/advisor-kumar-to-hear-public-grievances-in-srinagar-every-tuesday September 20, 2018 03:31 AM Advisor to Governor, K Vi DC Srinagar visits Zadibal http://risingkashmir.com/news/dc-srinagar-visits-zadibal Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:31 AM Deputy Commissioner Srina Police solves burglary case, stolen items worth lakhs recovered http://risingkashmir.com/news/police-solves-burglary-case-stolen-items-worth-lakhs-recovered Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:31 AM Srinagar police solved a 11th research methodology workshop concludes at GMC Srinagar http://risingkashmir.com/news/11th-research-methodology-workshop-concludes-at-gmc-srinagar Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:31 AM The 11th 3-day research m Board, University exams to be held from Oct 16-Nov 16: Advisor Ganai http://risingkashmir.com/news/board-university-exams-to-be-held-from-oct-16-nov-16-advisor-ganai Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:30 AM Advisor to Governor, Khur Howaid, Samer complete NIS Diploma course http://risingkashmir.com/news/howaid-samer-complete-nis-diploma-course- Syed Rukaya September 20, 2018 03:30 AM Howaid HamidJ&K&rsquo Anantnag College defeats Post Graduates by 34 runs http://risingkashmir.com/news/anantnag-college-defeats-post-graduates-by-34-runs- Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:29 AM In the ongoing 12th Prof. South Kashmir chess championship concludes http://risingkashmir.com/news/south-kashmir-chess-championship-concludes Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:29 AM The South Kashmir Chess C Secretary Sports Council inspects sports discipline facilities in Jammu http://risingkashmir.com/news/secretary-sports-council-inspects-sports-discipline-facilities-in-jammu Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:29 AM Secretary, J&K State Tourism Department organizes one day hiking camp at Samba http://risingkashmir.com/news/tourism-department-organizes-one-day-hiking-camp-at-samba Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:28 AM To promote the adventure Governance and law http://risingkashmir.com/news/governance-and-law September 20, 2018 03:27 AM In one more major develop Govt planning to gift another HEP to GOI: JKSECC http://risingkashmir.com/news/govt-planning-to-gift-another-hep-to-goi-jksecc- Irfan Yattoo September 20, 2018 03:27 AM Jammu & Kashmir Socio JKSM delegation visits Barkati’s family, expresses solidarity http://risingkashmir.com/news/jksm-delegation-visits-barkatis-family-expresses-solidarity Srinagar, 19 Sep: September 20, 2018 03:26 AM A delegation of women win Altaf grieved over demise of Gh. Abbas Khan http://risingkashmir.com/news/altaf-grieved-over-demise-of-gh-abbas-khan September 20, 2018 03:26 AM Former Finance Minister a Gun license holders in Bla’ asked to deposit arms http://risingkashmir.com/news/gun-license-holders-in-bla-asked-to-deposit-arms Noor ul Haq September 20, 2018 03:25 AM In wake of the upcoming m JKPCC chief's remarks uncalled for: NC http://risingkashmir.com/news/jkpcc-chiefs-remarks-uncalled-for-nc September 20, 2018 03:25 AM National Conference on We Tension heightens along IB after BAT attack http://risingkashmir.com/news/tension-heightens-along-ib-after-bat-attack SYED AMJAD SHAH September 20, 2018 03:24 AM The tension has heightene Police foils 8th Muharram procession in Srinagar http://risingkashmir.com/news/police-foils-8th-muharram-procession-in-srinagar Javid Ahmad September 20, 2018 03:22 AM The authorities on Wednes Line between mainstream, separatist politics blurring in Kashmir: Soz http://risingkashmir.com/news/line-between-mainstream-separatist-politics-blurring-in-kashmir-soz Yawar Hussain September 20, 2018 03:21 AM Senior Congress leader an Cong to contest civil polls, but with a rider http://risingkashmir.com/news/cong-to-contest-civil-polls-but-with-a-rider Rabiya Bashir September 20, 2018 03:20 AM A day after meeting the p Provide adequate security to candidates: Guv http://risingkashmir.com/news/provide-adequate-security-to-candidates-guv PTI September 20, 2018 03:19 AM Governor Satya Pal Malik RSS does not accept Article 370, 35A of Constitution: Bhagwat http://risingkashmir.com/news/rss-does-not-accept-article-370-35a-of-constitution-bhagwat PTI September 20, 2018 03:19 AM RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat W India, Pak FMs likely to meet at UNGA http://risingkashmir.com/news/india-pak-fms-likely-to-meet-at-unga PTI September 20, 2018 03:18 AM Pakistan on Wednesday sai Social Media: A catastrophe in making http://risingkashmir.com/news/social-media-a-catastrophe-in-making Dr. Masoon Ahmad Beig September 20, 2018 03:17 AM masoongeo@gmail.com Soci Death of KhushalSar http://risingkashmir.com/news/death-of-khushalsar Sharjeel Sofi September 20, 2018 03:16 AM sharbenzz@gmail.com Khush Concept of Hundred Languages of Children http://risingkashmir.com/news/concept-of-hundred-languages-of-children Dr. M. Ramachndran September 20, 2018 03:14 AM principal@doonsrinagar.co Pattan Trauma hospital ‘functions’ without doctors http://risingkashmir.com/news/pattan-trauma-hospital-functions-without-doctors Mansoor Peer September 20, 2018 03:13 AM Notwithstanding its tall Afridi snubs Indian media, says let Kashmiris decide their fate http://risingkashmir.com/news/afridi-snubs-indian-media-says-let-kashmiris-decide-their-fate September 20, 2018 03:11 AM Former Pakistan skipper a Duo arrested in south Kashmir during nocturnal raid http://risingkashmir.com/news/duo-arrested-in-south-kashmir-during-nocturnal-raid September 20, 2018 03:11 AM A driver and a student we Govt forces displaying highhandedness against Muharram processions: Hurriyat (M) http://risingkashmir.com/news/govt-forces-displaying-highhandedness-against-muharram-processions-hurriyat-m- September 20, 2018 03:11 AM Hurriyat Conference (M) h Geelani condemns forces’ action against Muharam procession http://risingkashmir.com/news/geelani-condemns-forces-action-against-muharam-procession September 20, 2018 03:11 AM Chairman Hurriyat Confere Srinagar held hostage by rulers: Mirwaiz on Muharram curbs http://risingkashmir.com/news/srinagar-held-hostage-by-rulers-mirwaiz-on-muharram-curbs September 20, 2018 03:10 AM Chairman Hurriyat (M) Mir Gaw Kadal Massacre: SHRC directs Govt to file current status report of investigation http://risingkashmir.com/news/gaw-kadal-massacre-shrc-directs-govt-to-file-current-status-report-of-investigation Riyaz Bhat September 20, 2018 03:10 AM The State Human Rights Co AIP ridicules Guv’s claim over consulting mainstream parties before announcing elections http://risingkashmir.com/news/aip-ridicules-guvs-claim-over-consulting-mainstream-parties-before-announcing-elections September 20, 2018 03:10 AM Ridiculing Jammu and Kas Congress participation won’t harm us at grassroots: PDP, NC http://risingkashmir.com/news/congress-participation-wont-harm-us-at-grassroots-pdp-nc September 20, 2018 03:10 AM The main mainstream regio BSF failed to follow SOP on IB: Defense Experts http://risingkashmir.com/news/bsf-failed-to-follow-sop-on-ib-defense-experts- SYED AMJAD SHAH September 20, 2018 03:09 AM Defense experts have crit Decision to boycott upcoming polls in people's interest: PDP http://risingkashmir.com/news/decision-to-boycott-upcoming-polls-in-peoples-interest-pdp Press Trust of India September 20, 2018 03:08 AM A day after its zonal pre JU awarded ‘Best Wi-Fi Security Solution’ award http://risingkashmir.com/news/ju-awarded-best-wi-fi-security-solution-award Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:08 AM Centre for Information Te Symposium on ‘Role of youth in disaster management’ held in Ramnagar http://risingkashmir.com/news/symposium-on-role-of-youth-in-disaster-management-held-in-ramnagar Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:07 AM District Information Cent SKPA Udhampur conducts capacity building prog http://risingkashmir.com/news/skpa-udhampur-conducts-capacity-building-prog Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:06 AM Three days state level ca JKSDM skill, upskilling training program for startups from next week http://risingkashmir.com/news/jksdm-skill-upskilling-training-program-for-startups-from-next-week Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:05 AM J&K Skill Development JKEDI trains 135 youth for entrepreneurship in Kupwara http://risingkashmir.com/news/jkedi-trains-135-youth-for-entrepreneurship-in-kupwara Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:04 AM A fresh batch of 135 aspi JKB FSL eTrader app to simplify online trading, investment http://risingkashmir.com/news/jkb-fsl-etrader-app-to-simplify-online-trading-investment Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:04 AM To meet the ever-changing Islamic University holds food safety workshops http://risingkashmir.com/news/islamic-university-holds-food-safety-workshops- Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:03 AM Department of Food Techno Vyas for comprehensive mechanism to promote SSI sector in JK http://risingkashmir.com/news/vyas-for-comprehensive-mechanism-to-promote-ssi-sector-in-jk Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:03 AM Advisor to Governor B B V Fix transportation rates for Valley’s fruit growers: Veeri urges Govt http://risingkashmir.com/news/fix-transportation-rates-for-valleys-fruit-growers-veeri-urges-govt- Rising Kashmir News September 20, 2018 03:03 AM Peoples Democratic Party